Need support for your websitedigital marketinganalytics

Got better things to do? Pass some tasks to me

Yes I want to

You are looking to..

promote a new event, service or product, but have no idea how?

give your website a new look, but you have no time to do it?

know if your website is reaching the right people, but you have no idea how to figure it out?

to send newsletters, but don’t know where to start? Which software should you use, how does it work?

automise your clients’ journey so that they turn into customers swiftly?

What do I offer

These are all techy tasks which you have to do a lot of research for. You don’t have time for these tasks, but I love them!

I can help you with all technical aspects of your online marketing. What if….

... you can make all your ideas for your website come true

What I can do for you…

  • Design and make your website
  • Implement improvements on your current website
  • Design a top-quality salespages for your (new) event, product, service or launch
  • Give your current website a fresh look & feel
  • Advice or support you in making your website on your own

... get insights into the statistics and the use of your website

What can I investigate for you….

  • The usability of you website
  • How your clients navigate through your website
  • If everything works as it should
  • If your target audience is well-represented in your website

... you want to focus on the content of your campaign and not on making everything work

Leave this to me…

  • Setting up your email marketing software
  • Get your emailcampaigns ready for distribution
  • Ensure that your potential clients will receive your emails and can do all the steps to convert a customer into a client

As an entrepreneur you want to focus on working on your company instead of working on all the back-end tasks. I offer support when the tasks are not convenient for you. Or if you don’t have the knowledge or time to take care of them. Let’s make all your ideas happen.

Who am I

My name is Laurien Broer van Dijk and I am a website designer and online marketing supporter.

What does this mean? I help small businesses to build a website or give a fresh look to their current website as well as support on the technical side of digital marketing.

After years of experience in project support, building team-sites and improving processes, I started working as a freelancer.

Now my focus is on websites and digital marketing of small businesses who can use my help for those tasks for which they have no time or knowledge to do.

My motivation is to make the work of others easier. I want to offer the right insight of their business and to create an environment my client needs.

Over the years I have worked with many different systems and programs. This allowed me to get to know a system or program quickly and make it my own. Below, you’ll find a small overview of systems that I am familiar with.

Wordpress 85%
Infusionsoft 90%
GotoWebinar 90%
OptimizePress 85%
Mailchimp 75%
Deadlinefunnel 80%
WP Bakery 85%
Active Campaign 70%
Hotjar 60%

How do I do this

I work as a virtual professional, which means that I do all my work remotely. If I have WiFi access, I can work anywhere.

Curious what I can do for you?

Send me an email and I will contact you. We can discuss the possibilities of our collaboration in an obligation-free consultation.

Get in contact

No question is too crazy. Let me know what you are encountering and we can determine together what I can help you with.

Leave your question and details in the form, and I will contact you for a obligation-free consultation.

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Zuidbroek, Nederland & Ericeira, Portugal